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It’s Friday, Friday, Friday

That song is horrible. But it has been played on the radio and is huge on youtube. Only further proof that we love to watch the trainwreck. 

Speaking of trainwrecks, Charlie has been silent huh?

We’re dealing with horrible home sellers and it’s really taking out all the energy from me. I’m working from home today to sign papers and get things going to prevent them from suing us. Yes, they are trying to get our deposit when they didn’t make the fixes to the house.

Thank god basketball is on. I’m going to put on my UofA sweatshirt and scream at the tv. Later, I’ll try catching them all. The only game I’ve played lately with any consistency.

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I’ll be playing Dragon Age

It’s been a long time since all I’ve wanted to do was play a game. Dragon Age is amazing.

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Working out

I had a great workout today. With the help of the Lady Gaga and Beyonce channels on Pandora, I worked out for an hour. Down one pound in the new year, 14 more to go!

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First Disneyland trip of the year!

Yay! I’m off to Disneyland today!

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Here’s to 2011!

(picture of Dawn and I toasting at my wedding)

Happy New Year everyone! 2010 was an amazing year for me personally and professionally.

2010 -

  • I found the career of my dreams at Disney. It’s been an amazing year working with amazing people.
  • I got married to the best guy in the world!
  • Hawaii (our honeymoon) changed my life. Now we want to travel all the time.
  • GamingAngels kept growing and we had our best articles/contests ever. I love our staff so much and this year we were able to offer gifts!
  • I am honored to be listed amongst Fast Company’s top women in gaming for 2010
  • I flew first class. I’m addicted now.

2011 -

  • Work out three times a week. I have 10-15 pounds I would like to lose
  • Travel to Hawaii again or another tropical area like maybe Tahiti.
  • Travel to Europe for our one year
  • Host a GamingAngels event at a few cons
  • Grow GA presents
  • Actually create the new site updates
  • Find a better way to interact with our community on GamingAngels
  • Save more money
  • and maybe….get pregnant. maybe…

Happy New Year and I hope you all are having a great day. We’re throwing a UFC party to start the year off right! haha

<3 Trina

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Winter day at the cabin in Michigan.

Winter day at the cabin in Michigan.

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I want to go to Disneyworld and Tokyo Game Show!

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I love Disneyland during the winter! This is taken with our new Cannon 5D Mark II. I&#8217;ll be going again to Disneyland on the 2nd!

I love Disneyland during the winter! This is taken with our new Cannon 5D Mark II. I’ll be going again to Disneyland on the 2nd!

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